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Hospice program

Hospice program

The Jovimed hospice care program aims to reduce physical suffering of the patient, deal with the emotional and psychosocial hardships and provide the needed spiritual support during the dying process.

For the members of the family, as death moves nearer, the emotional stress may become intolerable. In particular, this may be the case when the family has been caring for the patient for a prolonged period. 

Hence, the hospice program is designed for both the patient and the supporting family.

​Jovimed’s Hospice care is recommended for patients suffering from an incurable illness. Our staff will strive to provide comfort, reduce suffering, preserve patient dignity and offer the needed emotional support

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The hospice program is not only for cancer patients. It is also for patients suffering from dementia, heart disease, kidney problems, or other life threatening diseases.

When at an end-stage condition, and when the patient’s functional status is harshly impacting his or her quality of life, proper medical equipment (such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, or pressure sores mattresses) and routine medical supplies (such as diapers and urinary catheters) become the necessity.

A comprehensive hospice program must provide for a trained team. At the very core of the hospice program stand a team consisting of a nurse, a care giver, a psychologist, a chaplain, and a doctor.


At times if a symptom cannot be managed adequately by the hospice care team at Jovimed, it will be necessary to transfer the patient for hospital admission. We will do so in conjunction with the family approval. 

Hospice care at Jovimed is not about prolonging life. The program focuses on quality of life rather than its length. At Jovimed, we understand our service aims to satisfy the needs of the patient and the family. Hence, our team is ready and prepared to provide the proper setup for patients for a prolonged period as well as for a short period. 

At Jovimed we believe that the end of life deserve as much love and care as the beginning of life.

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