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Patient and Nurse

Post-stroke rehabilitation programs are critical in helping patients regain lost skills to become independent again. In many cases, there is great potential for the brain to recover. Yet rigorous rehabilitation plays an essential role in the recovery process.


The duration of the rehabilitation depends on how severe the stroke is. Some stroke survivors recover quickly; others need a prolonged process. 

Research proves the importance of a quick rehabilitation program soon after a stroke.

In an effort to provide the patients with an emergency care program, our rehabilitation department offers two weeks of intensive care that will cover five days a week of daily 2.5 hours of individual therapy followed by 20 minutes of hydromassage designed to reduce the tension of the intensive rehabilitation process. 


Post-stroke patients are very much physically dependent at the first stage of recovery. Therefore, our program provides special one-on-one care focusing on range-of-motion therapy and constraint-induced therapy.

As the exercises may be challenging for the patient, it may be necessary to provide a break between the sessions.

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