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recovery program 



Various long-term symptoms are reported in people who already recovered from Coronavirus. Different studies provide different data on the prevalence of the symptoms, but post-COVID -19 is a multisystem disease. As such, at Jovimed, we recommend for the patients to consider specialist assessment for respiratory, cardiac, or neurological symptoms that are new, persistent, or progressive. Some of the physical symptoms are connected with organ damage, particularly in the heart, lungs, and brain; other problems are connected with the emotional stress caused by the disease. 

Jovimed offers a wellness program combined with physical rehabilitation, which focuses on some of the most common symptoms. 



More than half of patients with acute coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continue to have persistent fatigue long after recovery. The chronic condition may postpone the return of many COVID recovered patients to their workplace or their regular activity.

The following are the typical characteristics of fatigue.

  • Sense of law energy.

  • Falling asleep for short periods of time.

  • Frequent yawning

  • Failing to perform regular tasks properly.

  • Struggling to get out of bed

  • Exhaustion while walking

Covid 19

Brain Fog

About a third of the recovering patients experience some sort of neurological illness associated with COVID-19. Some EEG based research suggests “brain fog” has similar signs to impairments after a concussion.


“Brain Fog” is characterized by the following:


  • Short term memory loss

  • Trouble finding words

  • Confusion

  • Difficulties to concentrate

  • Feeling overwhelmed by simple tasks

  • Diminished capacity to grasp information

  • Dizziness

  • Delirium

Muscle pain and or Joint pain

Muscle pain is often caused by muscle inflammation (myositis), a common symptom of viral infection. Coronavirus, like other viruses, may cause such muscle tissue inflammation. Specifically, the cells of the immune system release proteins which are responsible for the inflammatory reaction.

Some recovering COVID patients experience severe shoulder and arm problems, as well as cramping shoulder and back problems, which appear to be most common. But joint and muscle problems can occur in any part of the body.

COVID-19 recovery program

Our post-COVID Wellness program focuses on the following pillars, which are recommended by various experts and have been published by various well known medical institutions


  • Developing sufficient Sleep and improve sleep cycle routine.

  • Proper nourishment and plenty of fluid intake.

  • Gradual increase of physical activities.

  • Removing the burden of non-pleasures routine (we do the cooking, the laundry, ironing, cleaning) Exercise your brain with puzzles and Sudoko, micro manual activity.

  • Increase body circulation in our special spa room and with our special hydromassage equipment.

  • Tailored physical therapy services.

  • Tailored hydrotherapy.

We will provide accommodation (based on your preference; individual or shared) in comfortable rehabilitation beds.
We provide 5 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks). Prepared at our in-house kitchen and served at the dining room or at your own room.
Rice with Roasted Vegetables
All day access to the rehabilitation area (non supervised).
Daily dry and wet hydromassage
Relaxing environment
Additional individual care


  • Electrotherapy for reduction of pain and muscle strengthening and improved circulation.

  • Shortwave diathermy electromagnetic treatment for joints and soft tissues

  • Hydrotherapy for muscle relaxation and easing joints pain.

  • Cold laser therapy in the treatment of the joints and soft tissue.

  • Individual massage and individual Physical therapy

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