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We specialize in post-stroke and post-trauma rehabilitation

Dyrekcja JOVIMED Ośrodek Opiekuńczo-Rehabilitacyjny przeprasza Agnieszkę Irenę Cesarczyk za rozpowszechnianie i publikację bez jej zgody jej wizerunku w materiałach reklamowych i marketingowych Jovimedu Ośrodka Opiekuńczo-Rehabilitacyjnego


At Jovimed, Physical activity, group activities, and cognitive activities are at the center of our Alzheimer/Dementia program. We optimize our care by using the Jovimed DKDC methodology of care, based on four categories of activities.

Palliative Care


Jovimed palliative care focuses on providing patients relief from pain and other symptoms of a serious illness, no matter the diagnosis or stage of the disease. our caregivers aim to improve the quality of life for both patients and their families.

We offer intensive rehabilitation for patients after orthopedic surgery. A physician specializing in rehabilitation selects a set of physiotherapy treatments tailored to the condition and needs of the patient

Senior Home

We cordially invite you to the JOVIMED Senior House, which has been designed for the comfort, safety, and individual needs of its residents. 

We offer a friendly home atmosphere and strive to make every day as joyful and pleasant to our guests. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Elderly Woman at Gym



We Help each other. There is a great atmosphere here.

Eugenia Przybylska – from Lodz




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