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Care and Treatment Institute (ZOL)

The term "ZOL - Health Care Center" refers to an entity that provides 24-hour round-the-clock health care that does not require hospitalization. The entity operates a stationary center and functions as a place of residence. The Center provides basic medical needs for people with disabilities who are not able to function independently after hospitalization or because of chronic diseases.

The center provides meals and rooms that are tailored to the needs of patients and provide them with living conditions that are not available in their homes.

According to the Polish definition, the goal of the ZOL facility is to restore patients to a level that allows them to return home.

​The Barthel scale is used to determine the eligibility of patient admission. According to Polish regulations, patients who obtain more than 40 Barthel points are not eligible for ZOL treatment.

Senior Home director

Agnieszka Pianowska



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