Trust our care,

When you are away

Trust Our Caregiving When You Are Away

Due to the location, approx. 10 km and 15 minutes from the center of Łódź, families living in the Lodz region looking for help in diseases such as dementia / dementia, Alzheimer, in need of rehabilitation and palliative care for their relatives, JOVIMED will be the best choice as a place that meets your expectations.

Jovimed has great opportunities that make it an attractive resort for families living in every corner of the world.

​Today we can boast that families from all over Poland, Europe or the United States find us as a trustworthy place to live their loved ones.

Can patients with Alzheimer's disease live in such a Center, far from a close family?

Yes ... Demographic changes and the growing urbanization process generate the need for a place like Jovimed, because we are focused on providing the right environment for our Residents, and separation from the family is not perceived as a rejection of the Seniors by the close ones, on the contrary, as care for their safety and ensuring psychological and physical comfort.

  • We help the family maintain everyday contact with their loved ones. We enable and encourage you to make Skype calls. We will be during a teleconference to provide the appropriate level of emotions needed. 
    • Family members can be sure that their beloved relatives are regularly visited by a doctor and in case of emergency they have hospital care in Łódź and Pabianice.

  • We provide permanent nursing care and additional assistance available to our residents according to their individual needs. 
    • We take care of the personal washing of every ward, and if necessary, we shop in consultation with the family. 
    • We encourage you to meet our charges with friends and relatives in accordance with the instructions of those closest to you. 
    • If necessary, contact with the Jovimed staff is also available after business hours. 
    • In addition to regular medical care, we meet the individual needs of residents, providing hairdressing services, special dietary recommendations, the purchase of medicines and other products at the request of a Senior and his family.

In Our Home, we adapt activities, care to the needs of the Residents and their relatives, for a fair and affordable price in comfortable conditions. 

Please, specify the medical and personal needs of your relatives. And providing as much information about them as possible, including your favorite music, book, hobby, will bring a smile and contentment on the faces of our beloved ones.

Senior Home director

Agnieszka Pianowska



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